Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleep Over!

Last night my friend Meranda and I had a sleep over at my house. After catching up on things at school and with friends, we decided to dress up and take pictures....


I'm a fairy:D

But we didn't stop there.... it was time for BLIND FOLD MAKE OVERS!!

ha ha wow.... looked like a had a five o'clock shadow aha

Today, we made home made pancakes for the first time, looked through the pictures we had taken, and then we got a brilliant idea of dying my hair. My dad wasn't to thrilled with this idea, but he decided to let me try it. Here are the wonderful results thanks to Meranda:)


  1. You two are dorks. Though I am sure Darla and I did weird stuff like that too.
    And your hair is cute. I still think you should have bangs. yep.;)

  2. Thanks Coco:) you should cut my hair when you come down! *hint hint, wink wink*



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